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 Group Overview:

  Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we operate construction and manufacturing businesses, design &  development centers and a host of facilities in the Middle East and other countries.


  alfanar is involved in:

  • Electrical, Electromechanical and Civil Engineering Construction

  • Manufacturing and Marketing Electrical Construction Products

  • Allied Engineering Services


 Our Main Divisions:

  • alfanar electric

  • alfanar Construction

  • alfanar Building Systems

Key Accountability

  • Overseeing the coordination of construction works and ensuring that they are in accordance with priorities and plans
  • Producing schedules and monitoring the attendance of crew
  • Inspecting construction sites frequently and ensuring that manpower and resources are adequate
  • Supervising the use of machinery and equipment
  • Tracking expenditure and ensuring that it stays within budget
  • Identifying and resolving problems that may arise during construction processes
  • Guaranteeing and implementing safety precautions while also ensuring that quality standards are met
  • Reporting the progress of construction projects to managers, supervisors, engineers, and other relevant personnel.

Management Accountability

  • Ability to recruit, recognize and cultivate high performers and expose them in order to create a robust second line of management.
  • Ability to recognize low performance and help or release them.
  • Ability to treat people equally without any discrimination.
  • The managers only assessment criteria being performance leading to delivery of required results.
  • Ensure availability of delegation of authorities matrix to order to have sufficient delegations as per company policy.
  • Must take full responsibility for his operation as per the job description and the required deliverables from this position, taking into consideration the general company guidelines.
  • Able to anticipate problems and make the necessary proactive steps to prevent them
  • Ability to take necessary and proper timely decisions.
  • Deliver the required results in timely manner with required quality and cost.
  • Making a Tangible Difference:
  • Must make a tangible difference to his area of operation. and exceed business expectations.
  • Able to transform the corporate goals into business plans.
  • Able to Plan, follow-up and execute those plans, whether they are annual or development plans.
  • Monitor the plan performance and initiate action to strengthen results and take the corrective action accordingly.
  • Provide periodic work progress reports.
  • Responsible for monitoring and control budgets and expenses to achieve the optimum cost efficiency.
  • Develop the organizational structure according to the current requirements taking into consideration future and development plans.
  • Ensure availability of job descriptions for all job roles and deploy them.
  • Develop, coordinate well-defined written systems, policies, procedures, and seeking automations opportunities as much as possible.
  • Should be conversant and able to navigate through IT solutions especially those relevant to his job and business.
  • Promote the automated systems and using them fully, to spread its culture.
  • Quality is considered as alfanar prime competitive advantage as such, managers are expected to act accordingly.
  • Adaptation:
  • Adapt to new and alternative techniques, technologies, management structures, and business models.
  • Ensure a safe, secure, and legal work environment as per the standard regulations.
  • Academic Qualification

    Diploma Degree in Any relevant field

    Work Experience

    4 to 6 Years

    Technical / Functional Competencies

    Quality Control
    Physically fit
    Equipment Maintenance
    Quick learning
    Hand/Power Tool Proficiency

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