alfanar insight


Why alfanar?

  • Not just an employer, but a career partner

    At alfanar, what sets us apart from others is the difference that we make in the lives of our people. In addition to the regular things that employees look for in an organization, including benefits, job security, career growth and development, we make sure that each and every employee in alfanar receive the highest level of appreciation, care and respect regardless of his/her grade.

    We consider our employees as an essential component contributing to our long-term success. In fact, alfanar owes its success to its dedicated employees and believes in rewarding them for their contributions and hard work. Our comprehensive Total Rewards Package and training programs along with the variety of career growth opportunities make alfanar an exceptional industry leader to begin and grow your career with. This is your gateway to growth and success!

Our Core Values

Excellence, Professionalism, Transparency and Integrity are our core values that drive success at alfanar. We are committed to incorporate these core values in our work processes, products, and services. These core values meet in a special blend to connect every individual in a group that represents commitment, responsibility, cooperation, and respect for each other.

Work Environment

alfanar is focused on creating a healthy, productive, and enjoyable environment for its employees. We believe in providing our employees with the right kind of work environment that fosters team spirit and collaborative work, which is ultimately reflected in the quality of products and services we provide to our customers.

The culture of alfanar paves the way for all members to achieve their highest productivity levels. Various social activities, such as Annual Day Parties, Lunch and Iftar Parties, Sports tournaments, etc..., are organized regularly to bring an increased cohesiveness among the employees and create a family atmosphere.

Our commitment to provide the best working conditions and promote a healthy work-life environment for our employees has been widely recognized and acknowledged in the industry. alfanar has already been featured in the “10 Best Saudi Companies to Work For”, a comprehensive list prepared by a leading Publication to recognize Top Employers from various industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our People

alfanar considers quality as its competitive edge and people as its most valuable asset.
Therefore “Companies Employ; We Empower” has been chosen as our message in reaching out for dedicated people with right aptitude and attitude to join us.

The synergy of working together as a team coupled with an individual’s commitment, hard work and dedication has been the very single force behind the reputation and business success that alfanar enjoys today.

Last but not least, alfanar is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This is reflected in the ever-growing strength of our human assets numbering more than 20, 000 employees from different backgrounds.

What we offer?

A multitude of career opportunities

alfanar offers promising career opportunities to candidates who have the right combination of proficiency, passion, and tenacity. We provide challenges and opportunities that encourage you to go beyond expectations.

Be part of a diverse team

An opportunity to be part of a self-motivated and diverse team as we believe that our team should be as diverse as the customers we serve. Working with alfanar offers you an opportunity to be a part of a diverse team of self-motivated, autonomous, and competent people who are all unified by a target of adding value to the customer as well as to society.

Equal Employment Opportunity

alfanar offers equal employment opportunities to candidates with special needs. The existing employees with special needs have already contributed to the success of the company. Therefore, the company ensures that candidates with special needs have access to all opportunities in the company in every way possible.

A rewarding environment

The true benefits of working at alfanar can only be realized when you become a member and get a first-hand experience of all the various opportunities and rewards that we offer.
alfanar believes that its employees are fundamental to the success of the company and therefore provides them state-of-the-art facilities and a mature work environment that foster their personal and professional development. alfanar also provides a competitive package as far as salaries and benefits are concerned including, but not limited to, the following items

  • Competitive salaries
  • Fairly comprehensive family medical insurance
  • Annual paid leaves
  • Air tickets for the employee and his family
  • Best-in-class accommodation with generous housing allowance
  • Attractive personal transportation remuneration system

On top of that, alfanar reward system is recognized to be a best-in-the-industry performance based bonus which is proved to be in recognizing the top performers.


Training/Learning and Professional Development

Professional development – whether it is in the form of continued education, Professional training,
or On-the-job Training – is a key component of life at alfanar.
We offer learning venues and opportunities to help our employees to take their careers to new heights.
A career at alfanar is a journey with unlimited opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Here are the highlights of our training programs:

  • State-of-the-art internal Training Centers, supplemented with renowned external training providers.
  • Orientation session for newly hired staff to familiarize them with the work environment.
  • Customized training courses to polish technical and business skills.
  • Tailored talent and managers development programs.
  • Vocational Training programs for university students and fresh graduates.